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Server unstable - Monday, 24 March 2014

As you guys noticed yesterday, the website were unavailable, but all other services were operational.
This was due to a disk crash, even tho we have redundancy, some services tried to write to a raid0 temp directory, which made PHP unavailable, hence the gateway timeout message.

The faulty drive has been replaced with a new drive, and the raid is rebuilding, during the next 4-5 hours there might still be stability issues.

Posted by Cato at 12:23:13

Changes to servers and new names - Wednesday, 30 October 2013


We have decided to remove some dead weight servers and see how it goes.

For the time being we will focus on team based servers and therefore we have removed our death and storm server.
This will reduce our servers count from 9 to 5.

Servers as follows:

wy6.org Sniper
Shooter is basically the old sniper server.

wy6.org Havoc
Havoc is the same old Havoc server.

wy6.org Chaos
This is our new server, which will run TDM only from now on.

As a twist, we added weapons rotation to the map vote, where the maps will be assigned a weapon set.

Rifles Only (ro)
Machine Guns Only (mg)
Sub Machine Guns (smg)
All Machine Guns (amg)
All Weapons (aw)
Only Snipers (os)

wy6.org Bre24/7
This server will stay the same, mp_brecourt only.

I did a little update to MiscMod, fixing some bugs, and adding the code to support Chaos server.

Kick is currently working on a updated Codkicker, we made our Codkicker in March 2009 and it hasn't been updated since.
We will try to implement the new kicker as soon as possible, which will result in more efficiency and better bans.

Jump server
The jump server will still be running, but members of the iJump clan is currently discussing a new name for the server which will be branded iJump.

Give some feedback, likes or dislikes, if you spot any problems, errors, crashes or anything abnormal, don't hesitate letting us know.

Posted by Cato at 17:54:57

We are deleting all bans ever made in wY6! - Monday, 12 August 2013

Today we are clearing all banns made on wY6 servers ever made. With an exeption of a few recent bans the last month that have been recorded as proof. This will give all the banned people of this community a new chance. All bans made from this day on will only be valid if proof for it is provided. We hope to restore the environment in our servers and keep this community running in a friendly atmosphere. Everyone is innocent until the opposite is proved.

Posted by Viking at 21:33:18

Teamspeak: Recent Changes and Privileges Update! - Saturday, 13 July 2013

As some people may of notice, or not if your here reading, all Sub-Channels have been removed and Channel Privileges updated.

As dvotx.org is now a community teamspeak for everyone, the Management team wanted it to have it's own regulating system which they monitor. So as a result no Sub-Channel from now on will be permanent.

The upside is anyone (Registered or higher Server rights) can make a temporary Sub-Channel, it can even have its own password! To regulate itself these channels will disappear when everyone in it leaves, privileges will be maintained from the parent channel.


^w Y 6 | Clan <-- Parent.

We have a fun war, so we create a temporary channel.

^w Y 6 | War with the password 'fw'

Once the fun war is over, everyone leaves the room and the channel disappears.

We apologise to any who have had their sub-channels removed for the new system to take place.

We will continue a 'If you ask for a room, you may receive a room' Policy and we will now have more time to monitor parent channels and their potential inactivity's.


In an effort to make dvotx.org a more community based teamspeak server, all of our privileges are getting reworked in an effort to bring you the best teamspeak experience possible.

Server Group Rights (Under Development);

Admin Server Query or Red Admin/Management
Identified in teamspeak with a small red 'S' icon.

Server Admin
Identified in teamspeak with a small yellow 'S' icon.

Registered User
Identified in teamspeak with a small green 'R' icon.

Server Guest
Identified in teamspeak with a small blue 'G' icon.

Channel Group Rights;

Channel Owner
Identified in teamspeak with a small purple 'O' icon.

Channel Admin
Identified in teamspeak with a small green 'G' icon.

Identified in teamspeak with a small green 'O' icon.

Channel Guest
Identified in teamspeak with no icon.

A detailed privileges update, structuring what group can do what, can be found here

As a rule of thumb, please DO NOT poke unless it's an emergency. Please PM instead.

Thank you for your time.

Server Admin.

Posted by GeNeRaL at 23:26:08

Zombies - Thursday, 16 May 2013

July 15th

... when the apocalypse begins ...

Hey all. Here's a quick Zombies update for those that have been asking (and have received one of my cryptic answers). I've set a release date for the full blown version of Zombies -- July 15th @ 12:00 PM my time. That should be 7 PM+ for the rest of you guys. Basically, I'm planning on doing another (perhaps more successful) alpha test by June 14, move on to the beta by the 28th, and get to the release date a couple weeks later as quickly as possible. The goal is to basically ship it out, since summer is here and will be halfway through by that point.

I'm recoding everything from the ground up. Why? The last alpha test, though quite popular, demonstrated a few things. For one, it showed that it is a good mod idea, and a strong concept to go on, as I counted somewhere near 800 people who played. Second, it very visibly demonstrated it was fun, though buggy at times. Thirdly, and probably most important in the coding world, it told me that my code was "too much" for CoD to handle, and the way I decided to do things was not going to make a consistent and solid codebase.

SOOO... in order to create both a fun and solid mod, I need to rewrite things. I've already started work on a libraries system (1.1libraries) that this mod will extensively use. I'm also working on some preliminary scripts for the gametype itself. There's a ton of work involved in developing a mod of this scale, and it's gonna take a lot of time. But, two months is enough to crank out the 'final' version of the mod. By final I mean it's the last one I'll be making. I'll update it if there are bugs of course, but I don't plan on spending more than the summer developing it. After that, it's on to newer things smile

If you're wondering what the current status of things is you can follow my updates @ github. Otherwise, I'll post some more information when the release date gets closer.

IF YOU HAVE IDEAS / COMMENTS / THOUGHTS ON THE MOD, PLEASE TELL ME! I love getting new ideas from the community and really, this is a community mod.. so, hit me with ideas!


Posted by Cheese at 13:34:28

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